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We purchased XP_CRYPT and SQL Shield last year and are very pleased with stability and performance of your software. During this year we didn't have any problems with it. We are using those components in highly transactional environment available 24/7/365. Thanks for providing great software!

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Secure Scripting: How to transfer SQL code securely

Sometimes it is important to send the procedure to the customer for the update. Not always safe to send it in clear form. By design of SQL Server it is not possible to transfer encrypted objects in encrypted form. However SQL Shield can help here.

Suppose you want to update the procedure MyTest:


SQL Shield can create encrypted CREATE statement for the object and encrypt text inside.

Start SQL Shield, open the database, select objects you want to encrypt and start encryption dialog. Choose Generate Secure Script:

Choose output file and enter optional password. Password is needed if want to recover the object in the future.

After you press "Start" SQL Shield will produce output.sql  with the content similar to the picture below. You can open produced OUTPUT.SQL file from SQL Server Management Studio. Do not open it with any other editors. It could be that it will corrupt it.

SQL Shield GUI produces output file in Unicode format. It looks like the procedure disappeared, however it is encrypted. Most chars are not printable. However if you take larger procedure you would probably see some strange characters. Free version of SQL Shield can work with short objects up to 300 chars.

After you run that statement the procedure will be decoded internally and created in its original form. After you try to call the procedure you get the reply:

It works!

If you specified the password, you can use Decryptor to recover the original text.

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